Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Expressions in HT Dated 26/06/12

Internet has changed our lives and it is not different for our youngsters and students. As per the 2010 World Bank statistics for world development indicators only 7.8% of Indian population is active internet user. On the other hand Forrester Research claims that India will be the third largest internet user base by 2013.This way we are going to witness a huge surge in Internet usage. Internet usage in the country is driven primarily by young people, with over 75% of the Internet users being school- or college-going kids and young men. Devang Mehta might not have realized the potential of his popular statement of  roti,kapada,makan and bandwidth. The surge in the demand of internet clearly indicates that we need to assess the impact of internet on your education system.Internet and education conundrum has two faces. Students have access to teaching programs and games that teach and at the very same time they have access to gambling and porn which spoils. Kids are much more expert at computer language and computer use than their elders were at the same age. This can be attributed to a more informed society. It’s not only the kids are smarter these days but we all are. Lazy brains are crazy brains and need to be taken care for abuse of internet and social networking. Trends are alarming for internet abuse at schools and shared computers.We are in an era of instant coffee, instant noodle and instant information. We are taking plunge in an educational revolution, e- education. Millions of students and sizable number of villagers are using internet to know and upgrade their knowledge. This is in addition to the professionals who are using internet for different online certifications despite their hectic family and work schedules. It’s possible all through the Internet connection. Student can access any information at any time and use it any whichever way possible. Last statement gives us the problem and solution both. Now if we can control and define “any”, we can have an ideal world of internet, social networking and education.Internet is not only used as a source of information for students but also a medium of communication with peers and even professors. Today Facebook is attracting more eye-balls compared to the text books. Now is the time when we have more books in smart phones than the college bag and now only we are also seeking for Internet and chatting addiction rehabilitation centers.Social networking saves time, money, energy and even space and helps as well. It has reduced the requirement of sitting together and discussing something. The World Wide Web offers a wealth of information which can be useful for every kind of need and wants. Books are now found in smart phones, I-phones and research journals are online. Literature review for a typical research thesis which used to take couple of years earlier now is matter of couple of weeks.One can go on and on counting the advantages and disadvantages of internet and social networking. It will be a typical question like we use to study in our childhood, “Is science a boon or bane?” Not making the subject complex, here is the simple answer-“It is what you make it” and we can replace “It” per our convenience. It could be anything like internet, social networking, tool or even life
The Internet can serve as a medium for acceptable social interaction, if properly used. Though it cannot and should not be empowered to be a substitute of human interactions and relationships nor take place of activities such as verbal chatting, playing and kids reading together.

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