Wednesday, May 15, 2013

मैं क्यूँ लिखता हूँ

मैं क्यूँ लिखता हूँ
भोली आशा
घोर निराशा
जीवन के हर कण को
मैं क्यूँ बिनता हूँ 
हार जीत के सपने को

सुख दुःख के ठगने को
मैं क्यूँ चुनता हूँ
सवाल कई हैं जवाब नहीं हैं
क्यूँ गिरता हूँ और सम्हलता हूँ
मैं क्यूँ लिखता हूँ
मन के सूनेपन को
जीवन के आलम्बन  को
क्यूँ सहेजता चलता हूँ
तुम भी वही हो
मैं भी वही हूँ
फिर दुनिया मेरी क्यूँ
बदल रही है
बताओ तो जरा
मैं क्यूँ लिखता हूँ ...........


Bhawna Tewari said...

shayad aapke likhne se dusron ko prerna milti h

Fatima Lubna said...

The duty of a poet is to present the truth of life and the changes which happen in it. but he will have difficulty to present his thought and he has to face the questions by the people of society.But that's what is the true meaning of his work.

Sumbul said...

When asked as to why the poet writes, the poet beautifully explains how writing is a way of introspection and understanding the growth & journey they have made (which usually goes unnoticed, as people don’t have much to compare their previous thoughts with).
Writing helps the person to see all the obstacles that they’ve overcome and all the joys they’ve experienced along the way. This way they can be thankful that the difficult times have passed and be grateful for what they have.

-Sumbul Imran

पसंद आया हो तो